Jacinta Cillis Asquith, Managing Editor, SAC Manager of Communications and Marketing (acting)

Emily Banzet, Managing Editor, SAC Manager of Communications and Marketing

Michaela Berniquez, Copy Editor, SAC Communications Specialist

Christie Witt, Photo Editor and Designer, SAC Multimedia and Graphic Designer

Communiqué is the electronic magazine of Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC). Communiqué provides a forum for the exchange of information and communication between SAC members. This is not a peer-reviewed publication. Opinions expressed are those of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the views of SAC or the editorial staff of Communiqué.

Submissions/Enquiries: Letters to the editor, articles and other submissions (including photos, video and other multimedia formats) are welcome. Please email Michaela Berniquez at

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When no author is listed, SAC members may copy the article without permission if it is to be used for educational purposes and must obtain permission from SAC for all other purposes. Non-members must always obtain written permission from SAC. In all cases, appropriate credit must be given (SAC, publication name, article title, date). Questions regarding reprint permissions may be sent to

Advertisements: Acceptance of an ad does not in any way constitute SAC’s endorsement of the product/service or company. SAC reserves the right to reject any ad if the advertisement, organization, product or service is not compatible with SAC’s mission, vision or values. SAC does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of statements by advertisers.

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