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Published on November 17th, 2020


In the clinic or on the road. Electronic direct billing at your fingertips.

Many speech-language pathologists often have to schedule their time serving patients across a variety of facilities, including clinics, hospitals, community health centres, schools and nursing care facilities. These mobile healthcare professionals need solutions that help streamline administrative tasks so they can stay focused on patient therapy.

One way to streamline operations – and enhance your patient experience at the same time – is through direct billing. 

When you offer a direct billing service like eClaims, your patients no longer have to pay the full amount of the service out-of-pocket and submit claims to their insurance company. You can submit the claims for them before they ever leave your office in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Reduce patients’ out-of-pocket expenses and your operating costs.

When a healthcare professional offers direct billing, their patients have the opportunity to pay only the portion not covered by their insurance. They can therefore better plan their expenses and avoid having to pay large sums when they receive a treatment.

Direct billing will not only benefit your patients, but your practice too. Do you accept credit card payments? Do you pay transaction fees on every dollar charged to a credit card? By offering direct billing to your patients, only the portion not covered by their insurance will be invoiced, which can reduce the fees your practice must pay to credit card companies. The following is an example of how much you could save in credit card fees by using eClaims, a direct billing service3.

Try out the eClaims savings calculator to get a sense of how much you could save on annual credit card fees for your practice.

Improve customer experience with a free service.

More and more people are asking for direct billing. Determined to offer their patients a quality experience, nearly 7 out of 10 Canadian allied health professionals are registered for eClaims4.

In short, direct billing can help improve the experience at your clinic and build patient loyalty, as well as reduce your credit card fees and your patients’ out-of-pocket expenses.

Discover why 91% of Canadian allied health professionals who use eClaims would recommend it to their peers.4

Learn more about eClaims – it’s free!

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  2. The results from this image should only be used as an estimate and might differ from the actual savings. It only serves as an estimate and the actual savings will vary based on various factors. 
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