Published on October 6th, 2015


A Chance to Give Back to My Profession

By Jerri-Lee MacKay, 1st Vice-Chair

My Decision to Join the Board

I was approached by a retired member and asked if I would consider running for the Board. I had been the President of the Manitoba Speech and Hearing Association (MSHA) several years ago and had chaired an SAC committee in the recent past. I was interested in learning more about the national association and felt that the timing was right, so I agreed to let my name stand for election.

The Learning Never Ends

I have learned so much about SAC in my time on the Board. I knew that SAC was an active organization but I had no idea just how active it truly is! SAC is engaged in so many tasks for the benefit of its members and associates. I have had the opportunity to work with the outstanding staff at SAC and have learned a great deal from them. Watching the process of rebranding and the development of the marketing strategy in particular was extremely interesting. Learning how to understand financial statements and budgets under the guidance of the financial officer has also been very beneficial. On a personal level, I have met some extraordinary people — the SAC staff and my fellow Board members are just a few.

The Experience of a Lifetime

SAC is engaged in a vast array of activities for the betterment of our professions. The association requires committed individuals who are interested in helping SAC meet its strategic goals and furthering its work. Our Board requires a broad and varied group of people who are capable of leading the organization. This has been the most rewarding and interesting experience of my career. I have had the opportunity to give something back to my profession and am so proud of the work that SAC has undertaken. I would strongly encourage all members and associates of SAC to consider volunteering for the Board or for any of the SAC committees.

About the author:

Jerri-Lee MacKay

Jerri-Lee MacKay, M.Sc., Aud(C)
Jerri-Lee has been practicing as an audiologist since 1984. She obtained her master’s of science degree in audiology from Minot State University and has worked in a wide variety of clinical settings. The vast majority of her professional career has been in the area of pediatric and educational audiology. She is currently employed as an audiologist with the Winnipeg School Division.

Jerri-Lee has been actively involved in both her provincial and national professional associations. She is a past President of the Manitoba Speech and Hearing Association (MSHA), and has served on many committees as a member and/or chair. She has a strong interest in the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology and believes that through the commitment of its volunteers, the provincial and national associations can heighten the awareness of the services these professionals provide.

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